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How is Brevistay helpful in providing hourly hotels?

As the world evolves, the needs of people living in it also evolve. Each industry is working to please their customer and changing the traditional paths to evolve to cater to the smallest needs of the customers. Each customer has more options today than a decade ago, and the hospitality industry is no different. At Brevistay you get a lot of advantages for people from all sectors.

Below given are some of the people that are sure to benefit from booking hourly at Brevistay:

  1. Frequent Travellers
  2. Sudden night stays
  3. Unmarried Couples
  4. Business Travellers
  5. Backpackers
 group of tourists

The concept of hourly hotels came from a question that if one will not hire a cab for an entire day for a work of two to three hours, then why should they book a room for an entire day.

Below given are the reasons/advantages of booking hourly rooms from Brevistay:

time is money
  1. Flexibility: Most of the time, the primary concern of every traveler is the fixed check-in time of 12 pm at every stay. At Brevistay, you always get welcomed with open arms at any hour of the day. You get complete control with the flexibility of check-in and check-out time.
  2. Best Prices: Being available at more than 30 cities across India, one can easily save 70% of their hard-earned money when they book a hotel on an hourly basis.
  3. Better payment method: At Brevistay, you get multiple options to pay at the hotel. You can easily book a room according to your convenience and then either pay in advance or at the hotel after your stay. There is no struggle to wait for your next flight or meeting when living at a Brevistay. You can pay by any payment methodology from card to online transactions.
  4. Privacy: Everyone requires privacy at some point. Even if you are a business person or a backpacker, and require a quiet place to have quality time to retain your energy, you can easily stay at our top-rated hotel that fits under your budget.
  5. Comfortable: Many travelers often get into a situation when they reach a new city early in the morning and require a place to freshen up. Or even late at night after a long flight to attend an event. At Brevistay, you do not have to vacant your room by 12 noon, and we do not charge you for a full day.

Final Thoughts:

Along with technology, the capacity needs of the hospitality sector need to be supportive of the change and deal with taboo associated with the booking of rooms by the hour. Every traveler is important and deserves the best. At Brevistay, you get a comfortable and hassle-free space that suits you.

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  1. Quite amazing stay beautiful place to spend time, staff behaviour was also good, smooth check-in was tasty and delicious..

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