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Cut On Your Travel Expenses? Here’s how?

Travel can be made simpler and more efficient by looking into cost-efficient ways that are unknown to many people. These can be easily implemented without any hassle. And many people love traveling comfortably at low cost around the world.

Below given are some of the cuts that can be put on one’s travel expense:

Pods Hotel


This trend started in Japan and moved to Europe and then the US. It has recently started gaining popularity in India and is famous by Pod Hotel, where Hotels provide you Pods instead of large rooms at a budget. A right Pod is a compact and tiny capsule that gives you the feeling of being in Sci-fi. You also get facilities like air conditioning, Wi-Fi, USB port, TV, and personal safety at an affordable price. Many Pod hotels provide you complimentary breakfast and washrooms.

Pay by the Hour

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This concept of paying according to the hour is recently introduced in the hospitality industry. Many hotels websites and applications offer to stay by the hour or a day at a fractional cost, which turns out to be the perfect option for saving money. This option is useful for many travelers, mostly business travelers who have a long transit to visit a meeting. There is no hassle of reaching the hotel and checking it at noon as with pay by hour option; you can book a hotel according to your convenient timings.

Discount websites

coupon websites

Many websites provide discounts to attract customers, as there is nothing more attractive than saving money. Like,, and etcetera, many websites offer deals and discounts with many other companies and websites. You can quickly get some exciting offers on flight, hotel, leisure activity, car bookings, rail, sightseeing, and eating out. So it is always better to take a look at these websites before planning a trip as it can help save a lot of money.

Social Media


Most people neglect the many benefits of social media. One of them includes offers on traveling shown by many social media handles of airlines, hotels, and other sightseeing places. You can get the best last-minute flight deal from these offers. You can also win contests and many other hashtag campaigns that are run by airlines and hotels on their social media.

Best Airfares


Except for a finicky planner, one can quickly get the most significant discounts on last-minute booking as airlines are always desperate to fill up those seats. Moreover, on Android and iPhone’s specific applications, they avail their last-minute fares with a price drop.

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