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Why Stay In A Hotel On An Hourly Basis?

Staying in a hotel on an hourly basis is in trend because it proves profitable in saving lots of money. The time has gone when hotels charge a high price for the entire day from the guest even if they have to stay for a couple of hours.

Mostly it has been observed that the hotel per hour price is available on the hotels which are nearby airports, hospitals, railway stations, etc. These are the places where a short stay is very normal.

Apart from these, there are several other genuine reasons which made people choose a hotel on an hourly basis. Here are some of them:

Traveler’s option:

The pilgrims, trekkers, and travelers who have to wait for some transportation option choose to stay in the hotel room for a few hours. This hourly stay costs less as compared to pay for the whole day.

Budget stay:

There is no doubt in saying that travelers always want the budget traveling and thus they choose hourly stay in hotels. This helps in saving a lot of money.

Local hotels for students:

If there are two papers in a day with a break of long duration then it becomes difficult for the students to get the proper stay. Students search for hotels per hour near me to get additional benefits and comfort on the exam day.

Meetings and official meets:

A hotel room for a few hours is also beneficial for the meetings and official meets which can end within some hours.

Luggage room:

Hourly stay is also beneficial when people want to keep their luggage for some hours. Tourists find it comfortable because they can keep their luggage in the room and enjoy the tourist places and sightseeing freely.

Benefits to book hotel on an hourly basis


There are many benefits of a micro stay in hotels. Here are some of them:

  • The very first benefit is that it saves lots of money. Unlike paying for the whole day, hourly basis payment in hotels proves more budgeted.
  • Some luxury hotel rooms also provide a kitchen. Hourly basis scheme is profitable for those who want to make their meal which also saves the expense of outside food.
  • Youngsters can enjoy their legal parties in the hotel at a very less cost.
  • It is also beneficial for the traveler who wants room for some hours to keep luggage or to wait for some other traveling accommodations.

The short stay in hotels is a great revolution in the Indian hospitality industry and it is proving to be profitable for both the hotel owners as well as the guests.

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