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Top Five Christmas Getaway Destinations 2020

Christmas Day 2020 is falling on Friday, giving everyone an excellent opportunity to plan a long and cozy vacation with their loved ones. You have loads of options to pick as the Christmas getaways 2020. But before you get overwhelmed by the available choices and make a hasty decision that you may end up regretting, we will help you by simplifying your choice.

Presenting to you the top 5 Christmas trip destinations 2020:



Goa is a historical city of India with plenty of churches and cathedrals, making it the top destination for Christmas Getaways 2020. On the Christmas Day, one can see the streets of Goa lit up with lights, flowers, and decorations. The atmosphere around the Basilica of Bom Jesus and Santa Cruz Church is full of music, carols, and laughter. 



Shillong is one of the north eastern cities where Christmas Day is celebrated in their own traditions and rituals. A visit to the Mary Help of Christian’s Cathedral makes as one of the great Christmas Weekend Ideas. People from all over the country attend the Mass at all the major churches in the city for its picturesque views. Various performances by local music and dance groups add to the charm of the season. 



If you happen to love beaches and are looking to kill two birds in one shot, consider planning a Christmas Getaways 2020 in Kerala. Some of the famous churches worth your time include Edathua Church, St. Francis Church, along with the Basilica of Our Lady of Dolores Church. From the midnight mass to the Christmas food in Kerala, you should not miss out on anything. 



Looking for a snowy Christmas Day 2020 where you can snuggle with your loved ones by the fire listening to merry Christmas jingles? Then it would be best if you chose Manali for this Christmas Trip Destination 2020. Indulge in fun activities around the city during the day while you visit Arcot Lutheran Church and Gilgal Prayer House church for a magical experience on Christmas Day. 



This cozy hill station in Tamil Nadu is also known for its beautiful Christmas Day celebrations. This city has its own set of activities and traditions for Christmas, filled with breath taking scenery. The CSI Holy Trinity Church, St. Stephen’s Church, and Union Church are the most famous churches here and best suitable for celebrating your Christmas Day 2020. 


These are some of the top destinations in India for planning the perfect Christmas Getaways 2020. We hope that we have helped you find your goal for this coming Christmas weekend. Stay safe and enjoy your Christmas Day 2020 to the fullest.

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