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Top 10 One-day Travel Destinations from Delhi

If you are a travel freak living in Delhi, then you should read this blog on a one-day trip from Delhi. Undoubtedly, the hectic schedules of our daily life smash us all. During the weekend or holidays, one always looks for some one-day trip from Delhi to escape from the monotonous life.

Here are the top 10 excellent gateways for a perfect one-day travel destination from Delhi.

Damdama Lake


When it comes to a one-day trip from Delhi, then the first place that comes into mind is Damdama Lake. It is one of the nearest travel destinations for a one-day trip from Delhi. The location is outstanding for nature lovers as it is full of the beauty of nature and waterbody. The distance of this place from the capital city is just 60 KM. Here you can easily enjoy boating, adventure sports, and other outdoor activities.

Neemrana Fort Palace


Neemrana Fort Palace is 120 km away from the capital and can be a perfect one-day travel destination from Delhi. The ambiance of this fort makes this place a romantic place. During the evening, the entire palace is dressed up with light and looks like a heavenly sight. So, while planning a one-day trip from Delhi to Neemrana Fort Palace, do it in a way that you return in the evening after witnessing that incredible sight.

The Taj Mahal, Agra


We all know that Agra is famous for the tremendous and historic Taj Mahal. Although it is 202 kilometers away from the capital, if you start the trip early in the morning, you can visit the Taj Mahal during the entire day and come back in the night. The Mughal emperor Shah Jahan built the incredible Taj Mahal in memory of his loving wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Visit one of the seven wonders as a part of one day trip from Delhi.

Mathura & Vrindavan


These are the most important place for pilgrimages and their architectural and natural beauty. Whether you are a follower of Krishna or not, you can still experience the spiritual side of the land. These two places are 144 kilometers from the capital. If you manage to go on a one-day trip from Delhi during the Janmashtami, you will see the holy celebration at Mathura and Vrindavan.

Sariska National Park, Alwar


This National park is just 157 kilometers away from the capital city. So, during the weekend, you can easily plan for a one-day trip from Delhi to Sariska National park. The park is famous for tigers, and you must visit this place during the wintertime because the tigers come to open areas to enjoy the warmth of sunlight during the afternoon.

Noor Mahal, Karnal

Lots of history lies inside this incredible Noor Mahal. The structure of this palace is superb. Nowadays, the castle has become a five-star hotel. The distance of Noor Mahal from the capital city is 122 kilometers.

Badkhal Lake

Are you a bird lover or bird watcher? If yes, this can be the best one-day travel destination from Delhi as you can watch different kinds of birds and their activities here. The distance of Badkhal lake is just 50 km from the capital. You can reach here within one and half hour and enjoy the entire day watching birds, doing some small treks, and kayaking.

Wild Dhauj Camp

Trekkers, campers, climbers have an excellent chance for a one-day trip to wild Dhauj camp by road. All kinds of activities, like trekking, rappelling, monkey crawling, wall climbing, zorbing, mountain biking, etc., are being done in this camp. If you start early in the morning, you can reach the place within one hour. This camp’s surroundings are so beautiful that you may change your one-day trip into a night halt at the camp. What if you are busy enough you can quickly come back in the evening.



Bharatpur has one of the most significant bird sanctuaries near Delhi. It is a final one-day travel destination from Delhi, located at 182 kilometers. Hence, it would be best to start early in the morning because it would take around 2 to 3 hours to get there. After that, one can enjoy the entire day with nature and the beautiful birds. You can also see some turtles in the pond connected with the temple. Overall, Bharatpur can be a perfect one-day travel destination from Delhi.


For one day trip from Delhi, Unchagaon can be a perfect choice. The heritage fort of the 19th century and playing dolphins in the River Ganges takes place’s beauty to another level. There is lots of history to know about the fort. The distance from the capital is 101 kilometers, which means 2 hours of drive, and you can easily visit it within a day.


These are the essential one-day travel destination from Delhi. You can visit these places with your loved ones and family. So, plan a one-day trip from Delhi soon and refresh your mind and soul.

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