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Weddings in COVID: Safety Precautions that you can follow

If two souls destined to be together, no force can stop that from happening. If you think COVID-19 can prevent people from getting married, then you are dead wrong. However, the pandemic has forced people to delay ceremonies and functions but not to cancel them. Are you fretting about how to make your COVID wedding a success?


Here are some precautionary measures that you could ensure to have your dream wedding during COVID:

  • Know about the venue: All of us have plans about where we want to have our wedding, which integrates the added duty to check up on local guidelines before planning the grand event. 
  • Check for ventilation and sanitization: Before selecting a venue, it is advisable to look for outdoor spaces instead of closed-off venues or make sure that the entire place is well-sanitized and well-ventilated.
  • Avoid overcrowding: Keep the guest list to as minimum as possible; close family and friends ought to do it. Ensuring a low count for the guests goes a long way to reducing infection risks or any health crisis.
  • Maintain social distancing: Ensure that you have a proper seating arrangement for all the guests from both sides. Ensure that there is an adequate distance between all the seats and designate it for each of the guests. 
  • Make sure to ask everyone to take precautionary measures: Make sure that your guests know not to crowd places by staggering arrivals and by ensuring physical distancing between each other. Thus, ensure that all the guests should follow the precautions even before the event starts.
  • Supply with the safety kit: Ensure to give all necessary supplies (distance markers on food stalls and seats, masks, hand sanitizer, tissues, water, etc.) to your guests. 
  • Monitor the guest’s health: We ask for RSVPs, but I guess it is a good time to have your guests send in a precautionary test result along with their RSVPs for the wedding. All the people part of the wedding to monitor their health a week for the main event to ensure that it goes well.
  • Additional instructions: If you are attending a wedding during COVID, make sure that you follow these cautionary measures:
  • Wear a mask: there is no compromising on this.
  • Maintain distance with other guests.
  • Sanitize or wash your hands with soap during frequent intervals.
  • Cough or sneeze using a tissue that must be immediately disposed of in a closed-lid bin. 


family made of paper with medical masks

Follow some of the commonly known practices while attending or preparing for a wedding during COVID. Do not let COVID-19 interrupt your happiness.

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