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Things One Must Do While Travelling!

Travelling today is not just about covering parts of the world but it is pure passion. Not everybody can afford travelling and visiting the best places but one can surely make the trip memorable by following a set of rules. Travelling should be smart and certain mistakes can completely ruin the entire plan. The urge and will to explore and encompass land masses is what keeps the travellers going and following certain guidelines can act instrumental in achieving the inner peace and satisfaction.

Here we shall discuss few points every traveller should definitely do to cherish the memories forever:


➤ One should never lose out on patience- The stamina and excitement of a trip goes completely own the drain if one gets upset over small issues. Life is too short for being annoyed. Even if you lose out on money or miss your bus don’t get morose. Plan something else and make the trip definitely a worthy one.
➤ Keep some extra cash with yourself in some secret place- Cash is the most essential thing one needs to carry while travelling. It is the king of the world and without it all dreams will remain unfulfilled. Do keep some money in a place like your socks or some safe place in your bag pack in case you lose your wallet or it gets stolen. Keeping some extra cash handy can help you out in various ways. You will not have to regret not going to a place you wanted to go but couldn’t for shortage of money.
➤ Meet the local people- you should at times avoid the travellers and make it a point to meet the local people. Basic English or Hindi is understood by almost everybody. It is the local people who actually give us a better insight into the history, culture and background of the place. It is also them who can provide you with the best hospitality and give you the best travel experience and tell you about the local specialities in every arena.
➤ Take lot of selfies- may be you might not visit the place ever again and meet those friends you made. But wait! You definitely have those pictures that you can keep forever. They occupy no space in your bag and are surely free of cost. Today in this world of digitalization sharing these pictures is never an issue. All you can do in future is to sit back seeing them and smile like an idiot!
➤ Spend a bit on shopping to- a budget travel is always the safest and ethical choice as it enables you to spend on necessary things and saves you from wasting your hard earned money and explore more but spending few rupees on buying the locally popular outfits or jewellery or handicrafts is always a good option and it helps you discover more. Once in a while you can also spend some money on booking a nice hotel. Buying local items adds not only to your closet but also to your stock of memories.
➤ Eat the local food- food is a very important part of a human being’s life. For a foodie food is definitely not just about eating to survive. Gorging onto the local food and savouring its taste is surely a food lover’s paradise. One must go around the place to have a bite of the local food like sarson da saag of Punjab or chingri maacher malai curry of Kolkata. It is not only an enriching experience for foodies but also very pocket-friendly as these dishes are available at every nook and corner of the city.

➤ Do write down your memorable experiences- often while travelling we come across many things that we might forget in the course of events and time. A very good method of recalling the conversations had with other people or the feelings after any experience and adventure are surely one would like to go through and recall is jotting them down that preserves these memories and helps us take a journey down the memory lane.
➤ You must try and come out of the shackles of your comfort zone-travelling is all about newer experiences and finding the inner soul so one must do things about which he or she has been having a phobia. Never gone for safari or scared of talking to strangers? Go ahead and overcome your fears. Do the wildest of things.

➤ Pack less stuff- the lesser you carry the easier becomes your journey. You should carry only the most essential things and travel with light luggage as it reduces your burden and pain of travelling with heavy loads especially while you are trekking. You mostly need half of the things you pack so you must rationally and even buy most of the things from your destination.
➤ Take care of your health- travelling often exerts our body much more than we think it does. We often tend to sleep less or eat unhealthy that leads to an irritated mind and a disturbed mind or illness is very harmful and plays instrumental in spoiling the entire trip. We must follow our sleep cycles and eat healthy food and also exercise so that we can stay fit and enjoy our heart out.
➤ Must do a study of the place you are going to-studying the place you are visiting prevents you from getting cheated by crooks and also saves your financial burden of hiring a tourist guide. With the help of GPS and the study you can easily take a tour of the city without any fears. This will help you locate the major entertainment hubs and find places of your interest like one may enjoy adventure sports or maybe also shopping.
➤ Keeping a check of the essential items- before travelling one should keep a check on the flight timings, weather of the place, mode of transport and also whether he or she has packed important documents like passport or id proof.

Hence keeping these things in mind one can make his or her journey quite memorable and trouble free and ensure a lifetime of good memories and good thinking.

Travelling by following these guidelines can be pocket friendly and affordable too. One just needs to laugh a lot and enjoy their hearts out to make it a trip worth remembering. ensures you the amount of comfort and cosiness you need after a hard day of travelling. All you need is to call us up and here we are giving you the room of your choice! You can save your money for the yummy butter chicken and shopping of jootis and jhumkas. We assure you the best service and assistance.
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