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Shortcation Ahoy!

Given your busy schedule sometimes you just can’t book a week long getaway but you desperately need a break to rejuvenate? Then shortcation (‘short vacay’) is the way to go!

What is shortcation?

Sometimes a lengthy trip is not possible for various reasons- family commitments, financial priorities and other responsibilities or you’ve got this 9-5 gig from which you desperately need a break or your lucky stars have aligned and you are getting a chance to have a getaway for some official engagement.

Having a shortcation is a whirlwind trip which lets you pack endless memories into an unforgettable day or two or may be even few hours. Sometimes having a short trip will leave you feeling amazing and refreshed and it’ll make you feel as if you’ve been gone a week.

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How to have a fabulous shortcation?

  • Book a place to stay: After a tiring journey, the only thing we look forward to a cosy home-like place where we can unwind and relax before carrying on with our trip. Finding a place like this often tough as hotels or accommodation for a couple of hours but this is where websites like BreviStay comes to rescue, helping us book a comfortable accommodation for few hours so we can carry on the rest of the trip with ease. Also it’s of great help when an official meeting or conference has been cancelled and you have a few hours in your hand to go sightseeing.
  • Think like a tourist if you are visiting a nearby place / think like a local when you are visiting a far away destination: Well, let’s say you don’t have plenty of time on your hands and you’ve decided to have your shortcation in a nearby city or town or countryside. There are chances that you might have been to that place earlier , so you think that you don’t have many options but think what a tourist let’s say a foreigner is visiting the same place – he would visit the tiniest of shops adoring ethnic wear, jewelry, artifact etc. Now, when it comes to a getaway far away from home then you might be struggling to pick out the places to see before you head back because you’ve got only few hours in your hands. Well, if that is the case then the best thing to do is – consult a local! Locals definitely know the best place to shop, eat ( trust me, some hole in the wall places serve the best food) and sightseeing and chill during your shortcation there.
  • Stash extra cash: Agreed that you are going on a shortcation but what if there’s an emergency or you’ve found this really awesome dhaba serving the best chicken but they don’t accept card. Carrying extra cash also helps you when you’ve missed your ride and have to stay back for a couple of hours or look for alternative modes of transportation.
  • Get lost on purpose: Just because you are on a shortcation it doesn’t mean that you have to visit on a limited number of places – explore! Yes go out on a limb and just walk. Pick a random direction and head that way discovering things, meeting people and making memories. Just remember the name of the hotel and leave everything behind. Explore !
  • Click tons of pictures: Who knows if you’ll ever come back to that place again and if you do – when? So click loads of photos. Whether you are in a tram , ferry or just walking in the narrowest of lane in the city pull out your phones and click! If you’re making memories why not save them as happy nostalgic photographs. Who knows they might be the reason for your smile when you are having a hectic boring workday.
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