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Room by the Hour: How is it beneficial for travellers and hoteliers?

Accommodation is a crucial part of the travel plans and getting the one with good amenities while being moderately priced is often a difficult task. These days, a general question is if people can book a hotel on an hourly basis, and the answer is resounding YES! Many hoteliers have started rolling the availability and possibility of booking a room by the hour for a micro stay.

This facility benefits travellers as well as hoteliers in the following ways:

Flexible Check-ins and Check-outs:

During regular hotel stays, there’s a fixed time during which you could check-in and check-out, but the hotel on an hourly basis provides you with the flexibility of checking-in checking-out as needed. Are their flight delays by another hour? Why wait at the airport when you could confine yourself to the comforts of booking rooms by the hour?


Had a layover of 12 hours and wanted the comfort of a room but did not want to pay more? In this case, booking a room by the hour facility is at your rescue.  Pay only for hours you took the micro stay and use the room for the short stay. 

On-The-Move People:

There are times when you are travelling for a long distance and need a place for a couple of hours for a short stay to take rest. It could be because of long driving hours or if you are trekking on foot. It becomes easier to take homage with hotels offering the room by the hour, enabling hoteliers to bring in more business by your micro stay. 

Local Stays:

Imagine living in Bangalore, you must take a test, and the test centre is at the other end of the city. I cannot imagine travelling all stressed and nervous on my way to the test centre through the Bangalore traffic jams. I would instead prefer to leave early and to stay at a hotel on an hourly basis. Taking a micro stay by booking the room on an hourly basis near the workplace or test centre makes it feasible and does not exert much.

Luggage Room:

A thing that is very common in long drives is places you select for sightseeing between the source and the destination. You do not intend to carry your luggage everywhere with you, mainly if it contains valuable items. You will prefer to leave it in a room that is yours for the hours you are in that place. It is cases like these where room by the hours come in handy. 



Room by the hour is beneficial to travellers, but they help bring in extra business to the hoteliers. Typical stays extending to a day or longer are common. Still, it is a short stay like these that can attract a proportion of the population with such needs, thus being very beneficial to both the hotelier and the traveller. Hotel on an hourly basis is no doubt economical for the micro stay that we need to take upon an urgent basis. Especially in this pandemic, you can avail of a micro stay and sanitize yourself well.

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