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Pahalgam – A Top Mountain Destination in India

India’s mountains are cold and happening places. They are the regions that are immensely beautiful, picturesque, full of fun, and exciting activities. Pahalgam is one of the best hill stations in India to visit in the winter season. This excellent mountain destination in India is full of exciting things to see and do. Come to this most-loved hill-station in India to enjoy in the lap of nature and explore the immense beauty.

Top 5 places to explore in Pahalgam

Indians and foreigners love to visit Pahalgam in Jammu and Kashmir, especially in the winter season. Those snow-covered peaks and the cold blowing winds are a perfect combination to soothe and relax everyone. This beautiful mountainous area has many points of interest that make for great vacation and tourist experiences. It is one of the best hill stations in India as it has these five significant attractions:

  1. Betab Valley: This iconic and serene valley has outstanding beauty, which is found in the Swiss Alps. It is full of lush green meadows, tranquil and amazingly still blue rivers, and majestic snow-capped mountains that will take your breath away. It is not surprising that many Bollywood producers and directors have chosen this place to film in. The immense natural beauty makes this place the best mountain destination in India.
  1. Mamal Temple – This is the go-to and a must to see if you are a Shiva worshipper. It is also an exciting place to learn more about the great Hindu god Shiva, constructed in 400 C.E. What characterizes it is a golden shrine, a small platform for prayers, and a massive lingam. These are all central to Shiva worship and immensely beautiful, making this place one of India’s best hill stations.
  1. Sheshnag Lake: You will love its massive and pristine blue lake. But there is more to this place than large bodies of water. This place is for you if you love to hike. The surrounding snow-covered mountains and meadows with alpine forests look incredibly awesome. To explore all this natural, beautify, one should plan a winter trip to this one of India’s best mountain destinations.
  1. Lidder Amusement Park – This exciting place is more than just a great park full of Ferris wheels and other mechanical forms of enjoyment. It is a place to lose yourself in. Its paddle boats, mini railway, bumper cars, and more make it the best hill-stations in India.
Aru Village
  1. Aru Village and Valley: This place is the ideal picnic destination if you are an avid nature lover. You will love the most about this village and the surrounding valley: its amazingly fresh and green meadows and natural beauty. Since you can enjoy pony rides, zorbing, ziplining, and other exciting activities, there is never a dull moment here.

Already a large fraction of 2020 went behind our fore-walls due to the fear of pandemic. This winter season do not restrict yourself anymore. Explore the great attractions of these best hill stations in India. Head towards this great mountain destination in India to refresh and enjoy.

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