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How to Book Hotels for Unmarried Couples – A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you an unmarried couple wanting to spend some quality time together? If so, you may have encountered some difficulties when booking hotels. With many hotels not being open to unmarried couples staying together in one room, it can feel like your options are limited. But don’t worry, there’s still hope.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to book hotels for unmarried couples safely and conveniently. You’ll learn vital tips that will help you secure hourly hotel bookings without any problems or complications – the only thing left for you to do afterward is enjoy your cozy time together! 

Let’s jump in and learn everything you need about making hotel reservations as an unmarried couple.

Facts to Know before Booking a Hotel for Unmarried Couples

unmarried couples going for an hourly hotel booking

1. Unmarried Couples above 18 Can Stay Together or Check-in into a Hotel with Valid Identity Proof

In 2019, the Coimbatore district administration sealed an apartment after finding it occupied by an unmarried couple. The Madras High Court clarified that an unmarried couple’s occupation of a hotel room is not a criminal offense.

2. The Police Cannot Arrest Consenting Adults to Stay in Hotel Rooms with Valid Ids

No, the police cannot arrest you or book you under any charges for staying in a hotel room if the individuals are consenting adults. 

3. No Unmarried Couple Can Be Harassed for Consensual Sex In Private Places

India’s constitution grants the Right to Privacy through Article 21. Therefore, the freedom to choose a partner with consent is essential to this article. The 2017 Puttaswamy and the 2018 Navtej Johar judgments by the Supreme Court reiterated this.

Brevistay – Room by the Hour, Need of the Hour

Every industry is striving to fulfill customer needs. Since consumers seek flexibility and freedom, the travel industry is inching closer to those requirements. Brevistay is a step beyond standard hotels for unmarried couples. It is not only couple friendly but budget-friendly. Moreover, Brevistay hotels have a healthy environment for privacy, with no judgments, questions, and additional terms and conditions.

When travelers, couples, or other guests seek hourly stays, Brevistay innovated for ‘micro stays.’ They provided hotel room reservations for 3, 6, or 12 hours of guests’ visit. No catch or conditions apply. But, of course, you pay for the period you make a reservation. Unfortunately, the stigma attached to rooms on an hourly basis makes people believe that we provide spaces for nothing but sex! But let’s be honest; hourly hotels are much beyond just that! While we promote love and intimacy, we do not concern ourselves with what happens inside our rooms (unless it’s illegal!).

But What Does Brevistay Do?

an infographic depicting benefits of booking hotels through Brevistay

Brevistay is ambitiously building the ultimate hotel experience for everybody everywhere. We want to provide people with a safe space by popularizing the unique concept of short-stay hotel bookings, day use, and anytime check-in. Our hotels are cost-effective, safe, and secure, and we value our guests’ confidentiality. We eliminate the concept of overpaying for short stays. We have partnered with hotels willing to offer rooms on an hourly basis and make them available on our website for customers to discover and book. 

Our guests can book rooms from all categories, ranging from budget to premium to luxury. We aspire to become a leader in the hourly booking segment by offering affordability to young customers, a couple-friendly ambiance, flexible check-in and check-out timings, and a pay-later facility.

How Can I Book a Room with Brevistay?

You can book a room with us on our Brevistay website or follow simple steps on our Brevistay app, available on Play Store and App Store

Step 1: Choose the city where you wish to seek an hourly hotel from the ‘Explore By Cities’ menu.

Step 2: From the chosen city, you will get a list of hotels on Brevistay’s panel. The prices for 3, 6, and 12-hour stays reflect against each hotel. In addition, each hotel reflects the basic amenities that are complimentary to your stay. 

Step 3: Fill in your basic information and confirm your reservation.

You will be redirected to the payment gateway soon after confirming your booking. 

And voila! In three simple steps, your stay is confirmed with Brevistay! 

In addition to your room requirements, Brevistay offers experiences you can gift to your partner or enjoy together as a couple. Select the location and your check-in time and explore the activities. 

How Does Brevistay Have the Edge over 24-Hour Hotels?

an infographic showing benefits of brevistay hotels

Privacy is power. Brevistay believes in the power of understanding this mantra. With different people, there are varied meanings to privacy and intimacy. So we’re changing the rules to hospitality to suit everyone in the travel ecosystem. We started offering hourly rooms to create a comfortable, homely, and conducive environment. Here’s how Brevistay makes it a delightful experience for guests:


Booking rooms hourly is cheaper than booking them for a day. Therefore, we have detached ourselves from the opposing viewpoint of hourly hotels and focus on transit traveler needs, the personal needs of couples, or people seeking a leisure ‘me-time’ in a comfortable environment


We do not operate on the strict rules of checking in at 2 PM and checking out at noon the next day. We are equally adjusting when we welcome or bid you farewell. You choose the time – we will keep your rooms ready!


It is unethical and unfair to charge for an entire day when you use it only for a few hours. Imagine paying for the rental of a cab for a whole day when you’ve only used it to travel to work. 

No Judgments

Are you coming to Brevistay with your girlfriend? Or someone with whom you just hooked up? As both the guests are consenting adults, we do not intend to interfere in your matters. We respect your boundaries.

Convenient for Meetings

Many remote offices need a physical place to hold occasional meetings. Brevistay offers end-to-end plans to conduct official business or conferences. Our motto is simple – Stay Smartly, Pay Hourly. 

Getting ready before going out/to parties

We look at our best moments after we’ve found our perfect look. It doesn’t matter where you are heading next. Brevistay has your back!


Can’t go home after partying? There’s nothing like too early or too late at Brevistay. You can always have your after-parties at our affordable and comfortable hotels. 

And, of course, Dates!

Public places can be a mood dampener if you’re hoping for some cozy snuggling and ‘Netflix and Chill.’ However, we are at your service for all the romantic moods you wish for on your dates. Just let us know!

couples enjoying privacy at Brevistay hotels

Brevistay is your perfect stay-cation partner. Whatever your plan, you can always bank on us to make it a memorable experience. Need to get the vibe on the coffee date? Need an even more intimate dinner space? We got you covered with our pay-per-use plans. Plus, we are affordable and always put your needs first.

Say goodbye to the shackles of society, take your partner to a Brevistay hotel, and have the time of your life. All we need is your cooperation in keeping our properties in good shape because while we focus on giving you the best, the next guest deserves the same.

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