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Hourly Hotels in India for Women Entrepreneurs: Ideal Spaces to Work and Network

In today’s fast-paced world, where the concept of traditional office space is changing, finding the perfect workspace can be daunting for many entrepreneurs, particularly women business owners. In the last decade, women entrepreneurs have increased from 14% to 20% in India. 

Indian women entrepreneurs face various challenges when finding a workspace that meets their needs. From gender bias and discrimination to safety concerns and limited resources, many obstacles can hinder their success.

Hourly hotels in India, however, offer a unique and affordable alternative for businesswomen who need a comfortable, secure, and private workspace. This article will explore how hourly hotels are ideal workspaces for women entrepreneurs. 

How Hourly Hotels in India Make Great Working Spaces?

Hourly hotels offer flexible booking options, allowing guests to book a room for a few hours rather than overnight. These hotels are primarily designed for travelers who need a place to rest, work, or freshen up during the day without committing to a full night’s stay.

Hourly booking hotels in India typically offer a range of amenities, such as private rooms, free Wi-Fi, work desks, and comfortable seating, providing guests with a comfortable and convenient space to work. Many hourly hotels are located in prime locations, such as near airports, railway stations, or business districts, making them easily accessible for travelers who need a place to work in a specific area.

These hotels are also designed to provide guests with privacy and security. Many hotels offer soundproof walls, curtains, and controlled access, ensuring that guests can work or rest without interruption. Additionally, hourly hotels often have 24/7 surveillance, providing guests with peace of mind while they use the facilities.

Hourly hotels in India are ideal working spaces for local businesspersons as well as business travelers. Firstly, they offer affordability and flexibility, providing entrepreneurs with a more cost-effective option to work for a few hours. 

Additionally, they offer privacy and security, providing entrepreneurs with a quiet and secure environment to work without interruption. Guests at these hotels also get comfort and convenience, along with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, work desks, and comfortable chairs to boost productivity.

Lastly, hourly booking hotels are located in prime locations, making them easily accessible for entrepreneurs working in a specific area. 

The Challenges Indian Women Entrepreneurs Face When Finding Workspaces

When it comes to finding a workspace in India, women business owners face a host of challenges that can make it tougher for them to succeed. Here are some of the most common hurdles that Indian businesswomen face:

  • Gender bias: Unfortunately, gender bias is still prevalent in many parts of India, and this can make it difficult for women entrepreneurs to find workspaces. Some landlords and property owners may be hesitant to rent to women or may charge them higher rents or security deposits.
  • Safety concerns: Safety is a major concern for Indian businesswomen. Many female working professionals feel unsafe working in public spaces or may be hesitant to work in isolated areas due to safety concerns.
  • Limited resources: Women entrepreneurs in India may face limited resources when it comes to finding a workspace. They may not have access to the same resources as their male counterparts, such as funding, mentorship, or networking opportunities.
  • Family obligations: Many women in India have family obligations that can hinder them from committing to a traditional 9-5 workspace. They may need more flexible options that allow them to work around their family commitments.
  • Social stigmas: In some parts of India, there are social stigmas associated with women working outside the home. This can make it difficult for women to find workspaces, particularly if they are working in male-dominated industries.

The Benefits of Hourly Hotels in India as Workspaces for Businesswomen

infographic on benefits of hourly hotels for women entreprenuers

Despite the challenges, boss ladies in India are breaking down barriers and finding innovative solutions to build successful businesses. One such solution is booking a hotel room on an hourly basis, which offers working women a safe, affordable, and flexible workspace option. 

By using hourly hotels in India as workspaces, women entrepreneurs can work in a secure and comfortable environment while maintaining their personal and family commitments. Here are some key benefits:

  • Affordability: Hourly hotels are an affordable workspace option, especially for women just starting their businesses. They offer flexible booking options through platforms like Brevistay, which means entrepreneurs can book a workspace for as little as an hour or two instead of committing to a full day or month.
  • Flexibility: Indian women entrepreneurs often have family commitments that make it difficult to commit to a traditional 9-5 workspace. Hourly booking hotels offer flexible check-ins and check-outs, allowing entrepreneurs to work around their family schedules.
  • Safety and security: Safety is a major concern for women entrepreneurs in India, especially when finding a workspace. Hourly hotels offer a safe and secure environment, with 24/7 surveillance and controlled access.
  • Privacy: Hourly booking hotels in India offer private workspaces, which means women entrepreneurs can work without interruption. This is especially important for entrepreneurs who need to have confidential meetings or discussions.
  • Comfort and amenities: Hourly rooms offer comfortable workspaces with free Wi-Fi, work desks, and comfortable chairs. This helps entrepreneurs be more productive and focused, essential for building a successful business.
  • Prime locations: These hotels are often located in prime locations, such as near airports, railway stations, or business districts. This makes them easily accessible for women entrepreneurs working in a specific area.

How Hourly Hotels Enable Easier Networking For Women Entrepreneurs

woman entreprenuer sitting for a meeting

Networking is a crucial part of building a successful business, and hourly hotels can provide a great space for female business owners to connect with other like-minded individuals. One reason for this is that many hourly booking hotels offer shared workspaces, which means that businesswomen can work alongside other professionals. This provides an opportunity for networking and collaborating on projects. By working alongside other like-minded individuals, women entrepreneurs can build valuable connections and gain insights into new ways of doing business.

In addition, hourly hotels in India offer private meeting rooms that can be booked for client meetings or networking events. This provides a professional setting for entrepreneurs to connect with potential clients or partners. By booking a private meeting room, women entrepreneurs can create a comfortable and confidential environment to engage in productive discussions with their clients or partners. This can be helpful in building trust and credibility, which are important for establishing long-term relationships.

Some hourly hotels in India even host networking events that are specifically geared toward entrepreneurs. These events provide an opportunity for female business owners to meet other professionals and learn from industry experts. By attending these events, they can gain new insights into the latest industry trends and connect with potential partners, investors, or customers. This can help to broaden their perspective and open up new opportunities for growth.

Finally, hourly booking hotels are often located in prime locations, such as near business districts or transportation hubs. This makes them easily accessible for entrepreneurs who want to attend networking events or meet with potential clients. By choosing a well-located hourly hotel, women entrepreneurs can save time and money on commuting, which can be used to focus on building their businesses.

Working and networking becomes easy for women entrepreneurs with hourly hotels

There is no doubt that hourly hotels offer a great solution for women entrepreneurs in India looking for affordable, flexible, and professional workspaces. These hotels offer a range of benefits, including a quiet and comfortable environment, flexible booking options, and the opportunity to network and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. Additionally, hourly booking hotels provide a safe and secure environment for women entrepreneurs to work and meet clients, which is especially important in a country like India, where safety concerns are a major issue for women.

Furthermore, hourly hotels in India can help women entrepreneurs to overcome the challenges they face when finding suitable workspaces in India, such as high costs, inflexible leasing terms, and lack of privacy. With hourly hotels, women entrepreneurs have the flexibility to work on their own terms without having to worry about long-term commitments or upfront costs.


1. What do business customers want from hotels?

Business customers typically want hotels to offer a range of facilities and services that cater to their specific needs, including fast and reliable internet connectivity, comfortable workspaces, conference rooms and meeting facilities, fitness centers, and on-site restaurants and bars. They also look for hotels that are located near business districts, transportation hubs, and other key destinations that are relevant to their work. 

2. What do customers look for when booking a hotel?

Customers typically look for hotels that offer a combination of affordability, convenience, and comfort, including location, room rates, room amenities, customer service, and reputation. Additionally, customers may look for hotels that offer unique features and experiences, such as themed rooms or local cultural activities, that can make their stay more memorable and enjoyable.

3. How do hotels add value to customers?

Hotels can add value to customers by offering a range of amenities and services that enhance their overall experience. They can offer high-quality bedding and linens, room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, and concierge services to add value to customers’ experiences.

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