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Shout Out To All Travelers! Pay Only For The Hours You Stay!

India is a sporadically rising country attracting a large number of tourists from all around the world. One can spot backpackers, leisure travelers, business travelers and adventure travelers at various tourists’ places in India. It is always heard that when people travel to another city or country, they have to face numerous issues that include exorbitant and elevated prices of the hotels of the area in the special touring months or for people from other countries. There is always such possibility of spending a large amount of your hard-earned money on hotel tariffs even if you have to stay in the hotel for few hours.

Owing to the current touring scenario, Brevistay brings you the solution to your accommodation problems in a foreign land. If you book a Brevistay membered hotel, you get a short-stay facility in the hotel of your choice where you only pay for the hours you stay in the hotel room. Exciting and relaxing. Isn’t it? There are fix hour slots in which you are free to make a choice according to your requirement. Yes, you can actually do it. Micro-stays in fully furnished hotel rooms with air-conditioning facilities and other basic amenities is what you get when you book a hotel through Brevistay. There are numerous benefits of booking hourly hotels-

Book hotels on your terms! Reserve hotels for few hours
Have you ever been to a city where you just need a hotel to freshen up a bit? Backpackers who possess the zeal to tour the city do not believe in staying in a hotel room and wasting their precious time. Brevistay hourly hotels come to the rescue when backpackers need a hotel to freshen up and leave for their planned expedition. Well, this facility is not restricted solely for backpackers. If you are in a city for business purpose, book hotels to rest for a while according to the hour slot you wish and pay for the hours you actually used the hotel room. Even if you have a flight delay or a stoppage, you may reserve a hotel room and take a power nap at affordable prices.


East or west, Brevistay hourly hotels are the best!
Despite booking an hourly hotel, you get all facilities as a traditional 12-hour hotel room. There is no compromise with the basic amenities even if you book a hotel in 3-hour slot. Popular hotels in major cities in India provides extra facilities that only adds up to the brand value of the hotel and a comfortable stay for their guests. There are day-use hotels which you can book in 3-hour or 6-hour slots available on the website. Brevistay do not question your purpose, it just books a hotel room according to your needs. You have the freedom to choose a hotel available for booking at the moment.

• Flexible check-in is what makes Brevistay to stand out.
Hotels in India have their traditional 12 pm check-in which is not considered value for money. You travel to another city for touring or business purpose, where you do not have to stay in a hotel for much time or your check-in starts at 12-pm whether you reach your destination by 3-pm or 6-pm. Flexible check-in and check-out save your touring expense to the larger extent. Micro stays are growing popular in Indian society as it is pocket-friendly and feasible for travelers travelling in any season of the year. Hourly hotels are a convenient option if you wish to minimize your accommodation expense while travelling.


The best option for students if they are travelling to a city for an exam!
Students travel to different cities for interviews, exams or events and booking a hotel room is expensive in present scenario.  Brevistay brings you a relief when you need a hotel for few hours. It has the best short-stay options for students who need hotels to rest for a while. Just select the hour slot you need to stay, and the room is yours. It obviously keeps your pockets happy and furthermore, it lets you do the sight-seeing of the city you toured.

Brevistay membered day-use hotels have also set the pace in the market where you can book a hotel during the daytime. Sometimes, people tend to travel many cities at a time, so they just need to book a hotel room for the day and have the full liberty to check-out as soon as the day ends.

Wish you a great stay! Log onto the website and enjoy the perks of hourly hotel booking!

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