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Domestic Travel Guidelines Post Lockdown

With the September unlock in India, a significant relief came for the travelers as well. But most people are unclear about the exact safety norms that hourly hotels are following. Here, you will get insights about the same.

People love to spend time with their loved ones, but how amazing it is if you make it unique and memorable by exploring new places together, with a short stay in safe and secure hourly hotels. If you are scared to travel and plan your micro stay in the hotel per hour due to COVID 19 Pandemic, then it is time to unleash your happiness and forget the rest.

Have a look at how hourly hotels are keeping well with the safety measures to facilitate your shortstay and make it an incredible experience for you:

At the Hotel Entrances

  • All Guests coming for microstay, will be screened thermally as well as sanitized well preferably with pedal-operated, face covers/masks, gloves, etc. shall be made available to all too.
  • The entire short stay would be made contactless using QR code for scanning your micro stay bookings, and online forms are going to be available for the digital payment and reservation to avoid in person to person touch ability.

Guidelines for Guests

  • There is a fixed number of gestures of guests to maintain social distancing and avoid crowding to facilitate a short stay and provide a healthy and joyful environment during that.
  • If any guest feels sick, they are advised to choose a micro stay in their room, and proper medical facilities will be provided.

Cleaning the premises

  • For taking full care of all guests, the premises are being cleaned again and again before their reuse using the antimicrobial agents known to be effective against the coronavirus.

Hotel Rooms 

  • Hourly Hotel Rooms are sanitized each time after a guest vacates the room. 
  • Linens, towels are changed after the short stay is over. 
  • Deep Cleaning of all washrooms shall be ensured at regular intervals.
  • Proper disposal of face covers/ masks/ gloves leftover by guests in the hotel per hour are provided.

Required actions in case of the confirmed case in the Premises

  • The person with the confirmed case will be in an area that is isolated from others.
  • The nearest Hospital or medical team will be informed or will call the state or district helpline number. 
  • The whole premises of the hotel per hour to be disinfected.

Hence every little thing will indeed be taken care of as your safety is of utmost importance to us. And of course, now traveling is easy, so you do not need a permit pass to travel, and now hotel per hour has been opened with safety for your short stay. So, opt for a micro stay, explore, and make the moments memorable. 

We can completely understand that being inside your house from the past 4-5 months has made it challenging for you to put a step out and go for vacations. For good mental wellbeing, you need to go to a nearby place for a micro stay at least. Go and spend your day in the open atmosphere while following all the precautions and norms. Do not cage yourself anymore. With this new travel, guidelines gift yourself a change by changing your surroundings. Take a short stay in an excellent hotel per hour to be that in Delhi, Mumbai, or Bangalore and unleash your potential which is somewhere lost being at home for so much time. 

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