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Can We Go Out of Airport During Layover: 10 Tips For Surviving Long Layovers

What is layover in flight? Any stopover between flights is referred to as a layover in this context. Depending on the airport, this might involve a stop that lasts only 30 minutes or four hours (or up to 23 hours and 59 minutes for international flights). This phrase is used slightly differently by airlines.

You’ll have a layover flight if your trip isn’t direct or non-stop to your last destination. You’ll change flights for the portion of your journey during a layover. While some layovers are only long enough for you to use the toilet and board your next aircraft, lengthier layovers provide you the chance to add some exciting events to your vacation. But here’s the main question: Can we go out of airport during layover?

Can we go out of airport during layover?

1. Domestic layover Flights

You may simply depart the airport if you have a domestic flight. Since you would already be legally present in the country you’re visiting, no visa is needed. If you are travelling from Pantnagar to Goa and have a layover in Mumbai, for example, you will be allowed to leave the airport without worrying about a visa. 

2. International layover Flights

You need a visa for travel and for leaving the airport for a layover on international flights. When checking out and back in, you will also need to pass through immigration. You will then need to follow the standard security check-in procedures. It takes time for the full process. The process can take longer than normal if there are many people in line.

Keep the following tips in mind if you wish to go out of the airport during long layover:

  • City tours are organized by many airports during long layovers. You can get it checked through the airport’s official website.
  • Do check the visa requirements of the country for layovers.
  • The airline may/may not allow the passengers to exit the transit area. Hence, it is important to get it checked through the website.
  • It is advisable to not exit the airport if the layover limits to less than 6 hours. 

Some visa-free countries for Indian Passport holders are Nepal, Mauritius, Oman, Jamaica, Qatar, Bhutan, Tunisia, Barbados, Haiti, Fiji, Niue, Kazakhstan, etc.  

What to do during a long layover?

For long layovers, here are a few activities you may enjoy:

  • Explore the city
  • Read a book
  • Binge watch
  • Take a nap
  • Exercise
  • Organise
  • And much more…

1. Exploring Layover Adventures in New Cities

  • Can we go out of airport during layover? What to do during long layover? You should look into the idea of touring the city you’re in if you have a particularly long stopover. Even if it’s not at the top of your list of dream places, give this new place a shot. 
  • You could be surprised to find a city that you want to stay in longer. When scheduling a lengthy stopover, be sure to account for the wait hours at customs and the travel time into the city. 
  • Avoid packing too much into your schedule, be adaptable with your plans, and don’t be afraid to ask for assistance from locals if you need it. 
  • The airport or adjacent railway stations can provide storage areas for luggage if you’re unsure what to do with it.

2. Maximizing Airport Downtime with Facility Navigation

  • While one may wonder what to do during long layover, knowing the locations of all the facilities and terminal gates will make it a lot simpler to make the most of your layover , especially when you’re trying to find a much-needed cappuccino or toilet. 
  • Fortunately, most airports have interactive maps that can be accessed online to aid travellers in finding their way about while they are there. Save the airport map on your phone or bookmark the page before flying into the airport. 
  • While you’re waiting to board your next trip, spend a few minutes mid-flight exploring the food options and other possible attractions.  

3. Tackle Pending Tasks

  • You should take advantage of this chance to complete something you’ve been putting off. 
  • This is the perfect time to send out a mass email or write an essay that is due next week. 
  • I agree that it’s not always enjoyable, but since you have a lengthy layover flight and lots of time, why not simply finish it up?

4. Short City Exploration

  • Travel enthusiasts would always find a way to explore during layovers as well, hence they would wonder, can we go out of airport during layover? If you have a lengthy layover and the airport is close to the city, you can make a quick excursion there to explore the area. 
  • Even though it won’t last long, it will be more beneficial than spending the entire time in the airport to get a taste of the city. 
  • However, research the visa status before making this choice. Some airports forbid you from leaving until you get a visa, which might be expensive.

5. Device safety during layovers

  • Your stopover break is the ideal moment to recharge as the last thing you want is to arrive in an unfamiliar location with 0% battery on your phone. 
  • Fortunately, you may take a few precautions to keep yourself secure when charging. By purchasing a charge-only cable, you may charge your phone at any port without worrying about unreliable data being sent to your phone. 
  • Hundreds of stores are available at most airports if you’re still too cautious. Additionally, it’s never a bad idea to go with an external battery that has been completely charged, especially if your agenda calls for an all-day excursion.

6. Tasting local Flavours

  • Food bloggers always wonder, can we go out of airport during layover? Even if your stopover isn’t quite long enough to venture out and explore the city, there are still plenty of ways to get a taste of the local way of life. 
  • The simplest and least expensive method to get a flavour of another culture is frequently through its cuisine. 
  • Look for the regional food served during an airport layover. The immersive experience you may have without ever leaving the terminal can astound you.

7. Relax and Recharge

  • A little self-care during an airport layover may be just what the doctor ordered if crowding into another airport seat causes new strain on your neck and shoulders. 
  • Sure, you can sit in a massage chair for some mechanised muscle therapy, but there are often better options available at airports, such as quick massages from trained professionals or even a full-service spa. 
  • If less labour-intensive self-care is more your style, use this time to have your nails and toes done or check out some red light treatment before continuing your journey.

8. Finalize your Schedule

  • You can never be too prepared when it comes to travel. Use your time during your stopover to finalise your schedule and go through your travel arrangements. 
  • Join the network to read reviews of nearby eateries and attractions and to make any bookings you might want for your trip. 
  • Your airport layover is a wonderful opportunity to call the hotel and ask any questions or make any extra arrangements you might require. Organise transportation once you’ve reached your location as well.

9. Find a Good Read for a Layover

  • If you don’t have a book with you, there are hundreds of books available, and one of the booksellers during airport layover is sure to have one you enjoy. 
  • Even though they can’t compare to a genuine book, ebooks may occasionally be found online and are frequently free if you don’t want to buy one. 
  • One of the greatest methods to get through a lengthy stopover is to locate a decent book to read since you can usually go through it quickly.

10. Research about destination

  • If you haven’t already, now is the ideal opportunity to do some research about the destination. There are numerous additional things to be aware of in addition to the weather forecast and a list of the top sites you wish to see. 
  • Take your time reading about the greatest local hangouts and fascinating tiny communities that you were previously unaware of. Find out whether there are any significant holidays taking place there as well, if you haven’t already. 
  • When one or more days fall on a religious holiday, it may have an impact on the price and accessibility of lodging. 
  • Travel choices can be limited, and many firms would close for the day or days so employees can spend time with their families.

Making the Most of Short Layovers with Brevistay

There are many things to do during a lengthy stopover, but what should one do if the layover is short? Also, the question that stays is, can we go out of airport during layover? The airport might not be the most suitable place to relax, take a bath, or tour the neighbourhood in such circumstances. Since check-in and check-out times at hotels are set, and they are also for a whole day. But no longer. You may take a pleasant snooze, freshen yourself, and even tour nearby attractions without worrying too much about your luggage when you use Brevistay to book hotels on an hourly basis. Brevistay offers flexible check-in times with 24-hour customer service and quick check-in times of 10 minutes.


Once you’ve got some experience, you’ll realise how simple it is to locate free stopovers to include in your trips. It’s a fantastic opportunity to extend your travels and see more. There are several reasons to make your lengthy layover into a worthwhile stay, including the chance to meet a friend in the city, add a beach vacation to your trip, or visit a location that has been on your travel wish list.

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