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Myth: Hotel Booking By Hours Is Only For Couples

Today, where everything is available to a click of a button, the demands of people have increased vastly. Same extends to the hospitality sector as well. Renting hotel rooms by hour is trend of our time. People are wishing for a place of stay while travelling where they have to pay according to their hours of stay and yet be comfortable with the cozy comforts of home. Most hotels and hotel booking sites bind their customers within fixed timings of check in and check-out which often miss balances the travel budgets of travelers.

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Brevistay has come up with the idea of booking hotel rooms by hour, where one can book a room for just a few hours and pay accordingly. Though this seems to be pocket-friendly and convenient, our society has not been able to accept the idea of hotel booking on hourly basis. We are still under the notion that this is applicable for only couples or for wrong reasons whereas all this is just a social construct and a misunderstanding. Booking hotels by hour is not only cheaper but also flexible for all sections of people, be it travelers, students or businessmen. One does not have to spend time frantically looking for hotels in the scorching heat. With no liabilities of rigid timings and heavy pricing one can make their travel experiences memorable with by booking rooms on hourly basis.


Hotel booking by hours is a major benefit for mainstream travelers. Most of us become victims to delayed flights and late trains often. It then becomes really difficult for us to spend time in crowded waiting rooms and crammed waiting lounges. For such people booking hotels for an entire day becomes sheer wastage of money. With us one can simply book a room for 3, 6 or 12 hours and make them self comfortable.


For most travel junkies booking hotel rooms by hour is very helpful as they spend all their time outside travelling and they just need a pad to rest and freshen up. Booking a room for a few hours solves this problem easily in a cheaper way. They can easily accommodate themselves in any hotel and check out once they restore all enthusiasm. Also they save a huge sum which could be otherwise spent on bearing other expenses. These travelers are more inclined to explore the place rather than spending time in the hotel and in this case getting a room for a few hours helps them immensely.


For most travelers keeping their belongings in safe custody for a few hours becomes all the more convenient through room by hours . Travelers can easily catch up on good night’s sleep and travel the next day and spend money where they love to.


Hotel rooms by hour are a major need for the people belonging to the commercial and corporate sector. Most of them have meetings and conferences in a different city. These meetings last for only a few hours but people have to empty their pockets by paying for an entire day when all they require is only for a place to repose and freshen up. Now nor one has to wait till noon to check into a hotel and neither one has to vacate the room early and spend tiresome hours waiting in lobbies in case one arrives early or has to board late night trains or flights. The non-flexible rules of check-in and check-out make short business trips an expensive affair for these people. Hence short span stays and returning the same day becomes cheaper and easier for a gamut of people if they book rooms by hours.


In India during rainy season reaching meetings and conferences in a neat and presentable way becomes really difficult. Attending meetings and conferences in a messed up state often turns out to be a big turn off. However one can easily book a room for a few hours and wait till it rains no longer. It also prevents them from spending uncomfortable hours in the car.


Booking rooms by hour serves great purpose for students  visiting foreign city to appear for an exam or interview. By booking a room for few hours one can easily keep his or her belongings in safe custody. Along with this they can freshen-up themselves and rest their minds amidst the comforts of home.


It also serves great purpose for people who visit other cities for medical checkups and treatments. Before going to the hospital they often need a place to rest and keep their belongings safe. Majority cannot afford traditional hotel cost with medical costs added, hence rooms for a few hours come to their rescue. They can freely spend on their treatment and not worry about the place of stay.

Hence the concept that hotel booking by hours is only for couples is just a myth. People need to come out of it and realize its benefits. Today the need of rooms on hourly basis provides  the convenience to the travelers and makes their travel experience flexible. Brevistay has been opened with the aim of providing this opportunity of a comfortable and relaxed journey to its customers. We are always available at your service and ready to provide you assistance round the clock. Travelers no longer have to bind themselves into the liabilities of check in and checkout timings. They and can spend their money fulfilling their wishes. We are in an attempt to make your travel experiences better and worth cherishing.

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