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5 Tips to make your trip affordable

Winter is coming! And with that, it’s almost the perfect time to pack your bags and set off for a trip with family and friends. This is generally the best time to visit most tourist places, plus Diwali holidays are a boon.

But what about the budget? It’s Diwali season and you’ve already spent a fortune on shopping, renovation and gifts for your loved ones. This calls for cutting down on the budget of your trip. But, is it really possible to cut down on costs at a time when hotel room rates are at an all time high? Of course it is.

Here’s how you can plan an awesome trip on a shoestring budget:

  1. Advanced booking: Yes! The early bird gets the worm! Plan your trip two or three months in advance to get the best rates on hotel rooms and flights. Making reservations a few days in advance will only cause you to pay almost double the charges for hotels and flights. Therefore, we advise you to make your bookings at the earliest possible.
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  1. Getting rooms for day-use: Many a time, while on the go we need a place to halt and freshen up. In these situations, we don’t really need a room for one whole day. But alas, most hotels charge the tariff for one entire day if you use the room for even a few hours. Why spend so much? Brevistay brings you rooms for 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours. And the pay depends on the number of hours you stay! At Brevistay, you can easily book rooms online and have hassle-free  check-in. Brevistay helps you in cutting down costs heavily.
  1. Trekking to places: Travelling also incurs a lot of expenses on your itinerary. So if you’re off to some hill station, it is advisable that you get a local map and set off for your destinations on foot. Not only will it save travelling costs, it will also give you a great opportunity to experience the fresh air and enjoy Mother Nature from the closest quarters. But do keep in mind, that you carry enough food supplies, water and first aid on your way.
trekking in india
  1. Homestays: This concept is rapidly growing in India. Instead of plush hotels and resorts, tourists are now looking towards homestays as a feasible option. By choosing to stay with the locals, you’re in for a slice of purely local culture and homemade food. And on top of it, these locals usually charge a very nominal amount for letting you stay with them.
  1. Goodbye, fine dining: Cutting down on food is another superb way to minimize travel costs. And trust me, a plate of hot steaming momos from a roadside joint is far more delicious than the pricey food served on platters at high-end restaurants. Eating at small, local joints will not only be lighter on your pocket, but also give you a wholesome, filling meal, giving you a taste of local cuisine.

Keeping these few tips in mind, even a small budget can take you places.

Bon Voyage!

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