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5 Misconceptions You Need to Clear About Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day to celebrate the divine love you have for your partner or your better half. However, the origins of Valentine’s day are murky and there are only a few historical facts that supports the lore. Yeah, Valentine’s day isn’t the day that how we celebrate it nowadays. It was something different back then and has a historical significance attached to it. Valentine’s day is called Saint Valentine’s day or the feast of St. Valentine. It is celebrated annually on 14th February in the honor of Saint Valentinus and since then this day is known for its culture, religious and romantic values. Many stories reflect the martyrdom of Saint Valentine for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. According to a legend, during his imprisonment, he restored the eyesight to the judge’s blind daughter and left her a letter signed ‘Your Valentine’ as a farewell.

Ever since that day, 14th February is associated with romantic love and the tradition of courtly love flourished. Later in the 18th century in England, this day evolved as an occasion where lovers can express their love for each other by offering their partners flowers, confectionary items, greeting cards and more. However, there are various misconceptions that go around with valentine’s day and it has kind of polluted the essence of love and romance for this day.

Below are the 5 Misconceptions You Need to Clear About Valentine’s Day

valentine couples

Valentine’s day is a one-day celebration

It’s not just ‘any’ day where you get a date or a fling, have a romantic evening and the next day its over. Valentine’s day is a special day for people who are truly, madly and deeply in love. Nowadays, this day has become just a mere day where the need for a partner arises only on this day or during this Valentine week. Guys and girls, men and women, Valentine’s day is not a one-day celebration where you spend an evening. It’s the day where you celebrate the love that you had for your partner for other 364 days in a year.

Vateltine Date

You should have a date on Valentine’s Day

The trend of tinder days has made this valentine’s day as a show off for people. You get a date for this day to gain popularity in the college or amongst colleagues, become a person who is talked about for days after valentine’s day and then its all over. It’s not necessary that you should have a date on Valentine’s day. You should have a date or a person with you on all 364 days with whom you feel protected, special, safe and respected.

Valentine Gift

Exchange of gifts is necessary during Valentine’s week

Materialism has taken a toll over the best of Valentine’s week. The exchange of gifts has become necessary and it has become the symbol of love for people who believe in it. Giving your time to your beloved or loved ones is the best gift on Valentine’s day. A person who has been with you through thick and thins for the whole year is your true valentine and there is no higher calling on making them feel special on this day. You can consider your mother, your best friend, your father or anyone as your valentine. He/she is your strength and valentine’s literal meaning is ‘Valour’ which means strength.


Having a romantic dinner in a pub or a club is necessary

A pub or club is not the only place where you can take your partner or your date. It’s a taboo that you should take your date to a pub to spend an evening together. If you really want to spend quality time with your beloved, you should take him/her to a nice romantic candlelight dinner in a quiet restaurant where you can talk and share your hearts out. A beautiful conversation with your partner is a kind of valentine’s day you should spend to make it even more special and memorable.


Have a one-night stand on Valentine’s day

This is the most prominent thing amongst people who think that Valentine’s day is a day to have a one-night stand. Valentine’s day is special and it should not be polluted with something so adulterated. If it is not consensual, it is something which actually is against the universal law of love and is also a heinous crime. You should refrain yourself from this crime and polluting this day.

Instead of these things, Valentine’s day should be celebrated in the most serene, beautiful and peaceful way where you can spend quality time with your valentine. You should be aware of your partner’s needs and should understand that there should be love between the two of you before you think to celebrate Valentine’s day. Choosing a valentine is not an art but it’s the game of feelings for which you do not have a calculated mind frame.

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