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12 Tips to Ensure Safe Travel Post-Lockdown

The new normal is the best time to explore the beauty of our country. According to a report, India reached its all-time high tourist arrivals of 1.22 million in December 2019, i.e., just before the global outspread of Covid19. Being an immensely beautiful country with magnificent beaches, snow-covered hills, royal deserts, and so many hidden treasures, India is a country full of versatile tourist hotspots and attractions. How can the Indians sit back and let the beauty of their own country unexplored? 

Post-lockdown, things are coming to the track. People have now started to go for short stays and vacations. The need of the hour is to maintain safe travel standards.

Twelve things to ensure safe travel in the post-lockdown era:

Personal Tips:

social distancing
  1. Contactless trips – Don’t choose overcrowded places as your travel destination. Keep distance from people and do not come in physical contact with anyone to avoid the risk of getting infected with the Nobel coronavirus. 
  2. Stock up sanitization essential – As soon as you start your packing, make sure to keep an adequate amount of sanitizer to clean your hands as you touch any surfaces to ensure safe travel. 
  3. Wear a mask – Use good quality breathable masks with two layers of cloth. While traveling, you need to walk a lot and ensure that your mask is safe yet non-suffocating. 
  4. Choose the transport medium wisely – Disinfect the vehicle properly and do not take breaks to avoid any foreign physical contact. 
  5. Carry your food and water – Avoid eating outside while you are on your trip. If you happen to buy outside food, prefer to go for baked and packaged items. 
  6. Do not panic and carry your first aid – Above all, keeping calm and following the precautions mentioned above is the best way to deal while you are on your trip. Do not overburden your mind with the negative thoughts and keep some medicines and a basic first aid kit with you to prepare for any emergency. 

While at the Hotel:

while at hotel
  1. Digital communication –Whether is booking the hotels or paying the bills, do it all online. 
  2. Dine Socially distant – Hotels organize their restaurant areas, have a few tables, and no self-service buffet to maintain social distancing. Abide by it to eliminate any chances of getting infected.
  3. Thermal screening – Just at the entrance of hotels and resorts, proper thermal scanning takes place. It further keeps all the guests assured that no virus affected person had entered the premises. 
  4. Air filters – Hotels are installing Air purifiers and filters to assure quality air circulation within the premises. It helps in originating the space and making it more breathable and safer from viruses. 


  1. Aarogya Setu App – Install the Aarogya Setu app on your phones to keep you updated about the number of Covid19 cases around you and ensure safe travel. 
  2. Emergency helpline – In case of any emergency during your whole trip, contact the government’s official helpline numbers and state corona helpline numbers immediately.

The future is unforeseen; why to sit back due to the fear of the pandemic. Follow the above measures to ensure safe travel to your favorite spot, tension-free. Enjoy with your friends and family. You have sat back for a long time caged behind your concrete houses awaiting a travel unlock. So, when it has arrived, all you need to do is, unleash the beauty of mother nature by traveling to some fantastic destinations.

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